About Us

About us Ege Vip Tur Our company is working non-stop to provide the best service to our valued customers through Ege Vip Tur, which we established in 2015. Our company Ege Vip Tur is an organization that has been working 24/7 to make the journey "enjoyable and comfortable" to all its customers who want to benefit from its privileged services, gradually developing its vehicle staff over time, and has succeeded in establishing a transportation network across the most popular airports. For your happiness, we use all the facilities for a safe and comfortable journey with our wide staff and experienced driver portfolio. You can contact us at our head office in Burdur, as well as get mobile assistance 24/7 via phone and internet. Our companies, which have Tursab and D2 certificates, serve in a way that leaves no question marks in your mind. We will be delighted to host you again and again thanks to our experience in the sector, our reasonable prices and our undoubted service quality. It is our noble duty to always follow the innovations in order to serve you in the most successful way in your airport transfers, intercity travels and all long-distance location changes.

Our Mission

The mission we have as Ege Vip Tur is to provide you with the safest and most comfortable travel options and to ensure that our roads intersect again. In this sense, we are working to create a newer, more successful and more thoughtful service structure every day. Our vision is to always go one step further from where we are today and to feel more ready for you. In this sense, we wish to give you a new experience of pleasure every time by adding works in line with the changing and developing world order to our constant smiling face and our desire to serve. The only measure of our success is the positive feedback we receive from our customers. In this sense, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a higher quality service each time than the previous one.

In the door-to-door VIP transfers service sector, the goal of our organization, which has managed to come to the forefront with its trained staff and well-maintained vehicles, is to be able to be a large family with its customers satisfied with the services it offers. Participating in the sector primarily with in-city transfers, Ege Vip Tur is now presenting many innovative services such as passenger transportation to popular visiting points of our country. Our organization, which attracts great attention with the events and tours it organizes, has also brought different vehicle models for various celebrations and surprises. We are a vip tourism company. VIP Vito vehicles of Mercedes company, which is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to passenger transfers vehicles in the world, is one of the most preferred in our organization. Our vehicles, which make our guests feel the privilege of being a VIP, combine comfort and trust with their technical features. The front and rear seats of the vehicle carry airbags for safety. Our vehicles, which can be used in all weather conditions, have strong brake mechanisms that contribute to the safety of life and property. Passengers hardly feel the jolts and turns, thanks to the anti-roll bars it contains.

We have many services in our vehicles such as Wireless WiFi, Television and Charging USB sockets, free soft drinks. Our vehicles serve you with our experienced and licensed private drivers.

Airport Transfer

As Airport Transfer, we plan our Istanbul New Airport and Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum and Istanbul Airport transfers services by taking into account the city traffic densities, by catching the flights or returning to the airport easily on return trips. As Ege Vip Tur, we send our customers off on their journeys on time and greet them on their return with our friendly staff and comfortable vehicles.

Feel the comfort with our vehicle options specific to your needs.